Anthropogenic transformation of geospace: nature, economy, society

Abstract submission

May 15, 2019 - extension of the application for participation in the conference;
May 31, 2019 - submitting abstracts and articles;
June 30, 2019 - payment of the registration fee;
August 31, 2019 - a poster report should be sent to the Arrangements Committee by email (if this form of participation in the conference was chosen).
For those participants who are interested in publishing the materials submitted to the conference in a publication indexed by the Scopus database, the Arrangements Committee requests to indicate your preferences by April 15, 2019 at the email address of the Arrangements Committee.

To participate in the conference, you must register using the Google Forms service.
Registration link:
When registering you will need to provide the following information:
1. Full name of the author / authors
2. Place of work and position
3. Academic degree, academic title (if absent to write "no")
4. Address of work
5. Home Address
6. Contact phones: work, home, mobile
7. E-mail
8. Title of the report
9. Session of the conference
10. Form of participation in the conference (full-time / correspondence)
11. Collaborators (ifavailable)

Requirements for the design of materials for publication in the RISC collection:
1. The volume of pages is 3-6 pages (including figures, tables, references).
2. A4 paper size (210 * 297), all margins - 2 cm; page number - down center.
3. Font - Times New Roman; font size - 12; interval - 1.5; abstract space - 1.25.
4. The titleof the article is printed in capital letters through a single interval, the font is bold. Below, in one space, lower case initials and surname of the author (s). Further, in one interval - the city and contact E-mail address. After one interval, there is a summary (6-8 sentences indicating the relevance of the problem, the object, method, and the result of the study), keywords (6-8 words / phrases). Next, with the indentation the text is typed in a half interval.
5. A work list of references entitled "REFERENCE LIST" is placed after the text and is numbered in alphabetical order. It must be issued in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003 with an indication of the required information of the bibliographic description. References to literature in square brackets with the number of the source in the references list and pages (if necessary). Figures and formulas should be drawn up in the appropriate editors and applications of Microsoft Office 2003-2007.
6. The recommended format for saving abstracts (articles) is .doc, .docx, .rtf.

Necessary to specify:
The first line of the name is CAPITAL LETTERS, after the interval text the name of the author / authors, then through the interval the full name of the organization and E-mail author / authors; further through the interval annotation (at least 100 words) and keywords (3-5 words) and the text of the article. The title of the article, the full name of the author / authors, abstract and key words in English (for Russian-language publications) must be presented in the text of the article / abstract.

Any questions:
8 (8442) 40-55-53


The conference will be held in the main building of Volgograd state university

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