Anthropogenic transformation of geospace: nature, economy, society


IV The International Research to Practice Conference
"Anthropogenic transformation of geospace: nature, economy, society" will be held on October 01-04, 2019 in Volgograd.

The aim of the Conference is to exchange the scientific information, discuss practically significant issues of the fundamental and applied aspects of the anthropogenic transformation of geospace.
The International Research to Practice Conference "Anthropogenic transformation of geospace: nature, economy, society" is devoted to the current problems of modern science in transformation of the natural environment, as well as the formation of anthropogenic and man-made systems where man is the driving factor of the development. Thus, the scientific issues of the Conference are the fundamental problems between man and natureinteraction.
TheConference will contribute to broad the scientific knowledge and ideas on biodiversity conservation, assess and forecast thetechnospheric risks, implement the rational environmental management directions, develop the public territorial systems. Discussion of the processes of informatization and digitalization in ecological-geographical research with the involvement of leading scientific organizations will lead to the development of such new areas as precision farming, remote monitoring of forest and landscape fires based on the use of Earth remote sensing data, satellite positioning data, design and creation GIS.
Foreign scientistsparticipation will allow to generalize a synthesis of domestic and international experience and become familiar with the level of development and application of modern environmental protection and monitoring technologies.
This scientific event is designed to fulfill the task of combining the scientific interests of students, graduate students, scientists and involving all interested parties in solving the urgent problems of modern science and society in order to increase the level of research activities in the Earth sciences.
THE CONFERENCE focus areas:
1. Natural and anthropogenic geosystems: monitoring environmental quality and assessing the ecological status of territories.
2. Geo-information technologies and remote sensing in ecological and geographical research.
3. Ecological safety of industrial, urban and agrosystems. Technological risks and emergencies.
4. Territorial protection of nature, landscape and biological diversity.
5. Socio-economic and economic-geographical research.
6. Ecological tourism and recreational use of nature.
7. Applied environmental studies in regional environmental management.
8. Actual technologies of environmental and geographical education.
THE CONFERENCE focus areas reflect fundamental scientific problems, the discussion of which relates to the vectors of the development of modern science in the Earth sciences and economic geography.
Thus, within the "Natural and anthropogenic geosystems: monitoring environmental quality and assessing the ecological status of territories" session, the key focus of the discussion will be on the issues of environmental evolution and forecast of its development under the conditions of rapid natural and anthropogenic changes characteristic of the current stage of anthropogenesis and technogenesis.
In the "Geo-information technologies and remote sensing in ecological-geographical research" session, the actual aspects of geo-informatics and the creation of geo-information systems for solving fundamental and applied problems of ecological-geographical research will be considered.
In the session of "Ecological safety of industrial, urban and agricultural systems. Technological risks and emergencies" the main theme will be a range of issues related to environmental and climate changes, including research, monitoring and forecast of the state of the natural environment, natural disasters, analysis and assessment of natural risk.
The "Territorial protection of nature, landscape and biological diversity" and "Ecological tourism and recreational nature management" sessions participants have an opportunity to discuss topics related to the preservation of landscape and biological diversity at the global and regional levels and current issues of the effective functioning of Special Protected Natural Areas, networks and systems of Special Protected Natural Areas, including development and rational use of their recreational potential and rationing of recreational loads.
The session "Applied environmental studies in regional environmental management" is devoted to various aspects of changing natural-territorial complexes in areas of intensive anthropogenic impact and the basis of rational environmental management.
Within the "Socio-economic and economic-geographical research" session, such issues as theoretical problems of socio-economic dynamics and its forecasting, transformation of the socio-economic space, development of territorial development strategies, sustainable development of regions and scientific foundations of regional policy as the most significant in the development of economic sciences in general, and socio-economic geography in particular are going to discuss.
The "Actual technologies of environmental and geographical education" session is devoted to the issues of effective integration of modern science and vocational education, current methods of implementing educational activities, including technologies of active and project-based learning.

Conference report 2017

Conference report 2017

15-19 May 2017

The IV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Anthropogenic transformation of geo space: history and modernity" was held at the Volgograd State University. The conference was organized by the Department of Geography and Cartography of VolSU.
The full-time part of the conference was organized this time in the format of the Field Geographic School. This format combines such elements as reports and presentations, thematic lectures of specialists and master classes on the practical aspects of the scientific research.
This allows not only to exchange scientific information, but also to gain new skills and get better acquaintance with the nature; to establish strong professional links.
The following representatives of Russian universities and research organizations took part in the Field School: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Astrakhan State University, Samara University, Kursk State University, Samara State Transport University, Federal Scientific Center of Agroecology, Complex Meliorations and Agroforestry RAS, Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogic University, and geographers, cartographers and ecologists of VolSU.
The Field School-2017 key question was the environmental problems of the Volga-Akhtubinskaya floodplain and ways to solve them. The lower reaches of the Volga are the unique natural object, included to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO since 2011. Master classes on handling geographic equipment were conducted by an associate professor of VolSU, Ph.D. A.I. Kochetkova ("Hydrographic survey and construction of bathymetric maps") and Head of the Department of Geography and Cartography, Ph.D. D.A. Solodovnikov ("Use of GPR (ground-penetrating radar) in the field geographical research").

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